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About Julie Pischke

Julie Pischke grew up in the needlepoint world; working and designing for her mother’s shop, The Silver Web, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  In 1977 Julie and her husband, Richard, moved to Key West where she opened her first shop on legendary Duval Street.  It was this humble beginning that spawned a following that has lasted over four decades.

In 1985 Julie and her family moved into a historic conch home at 527 Fleming Street, which housed her needlepoint boutique, Island Needlework. Julie painted custom canvases in the backroom of Island Needlework for years, but as her name and reputation as an artist grew, the demand for her work rose.  In the late 1980’s Julie began producing and selling her designs to be carried in needlepoint shops across the country. And so, Julie Pischke Designs was born!

Inspired by the beauty that surrounded her in Key West, bright tropical designs have become Julie’s signature. Many of her designs were originally painted for friends and intended as decor for coastal homes.  Julie most enjoys creating for function.  To this day, her most significant mark in the needlepoint world has been her bag designs.  From the very first carpetbag, to her tote and hobo designs, Julie conceptualized the size, craftsmanship, and quality of each bag.

Creating and painting needlepoint designs is what Julie was born to do! And, while she no longer operates Julie Pischke Designs, she still is very much a part of it all!! These days, you can find her spending time with her family, stitching by the sea and designing when she feels inspired. Her timeless creations, passion and savvy for needlepoint, color, and fiber is a gift to all stitchers and we are so grateful to be able to share it with you!

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